Youth Demands

We demand an immediate stop to the killing. We can lose no more of our peers to street violence! Black, Latino, Cape Verdean, Caribbean, Asian, we have all lost someone and enough is enough. We cannot continue to kill each other.

We demand a stop to the flow of guns and drugs into our communities.

We are tired of being criminalized by the system. We demand a stop to Bill 4293 and an end to curfews and public loitering crackdowns.

We demand drastic reforms to the education in Boston. We demand education that is culturally relevant, accurate, adequate, and prepares us for college and economic empowerment. We demand adequate resources in the schools we attend. We demand support for undocumented youth wishing to attend higher education. We demand an end to the unfair MCAS test. We do not want our schools being patrolled by the Boston public schools police which is controlled by the Boston Police Department. We demand a stop to the school to prison pipeline. We want no more military recruiters in our schools and community centers. We demand more teachers of color.

We demand access to stable adequate employment. We demand an end to the unjust CORI laws. We demand more funding for job opportunities for all youth from all neighborhoods

We demand an end to police brutality. We are tired of being automatically targeted and harassed by the Boston Police. We demand an end to racial profiling. We demand an end to unprovoked physical and verbal assault from the Boston Police Department.

All Power to the People